Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why Do People Fail?
By Robert Taylor ©2004 All Rights Reserved

That is a loaded question, because people do not fail, they quit. A bridge or a piece of equipment might fail, but it does not quit. It has ceased to do that for which it was created. Many try something and when it does not work for them as planned they simply throw up their hands in despair and quit. What they did not realize is that they simply found a way that did not work, and by continuing on they could have found a way that did work.

It is inherent in human nature to always be doing something. We cannot stand a second or minute of the day not being filled with some type of activity. Even in those times where there is no physical activity, you will find your mind working like a straw caught in a tornado.

We are continually moving and changing, whether toward or away from something. Many of us get stuck in what is termed our "comfort zone." This is the zone in which we feel comfortable and secure and do not want anything to threaten this comfort or security.

What we do not seem to realize is that there is no permanent comfort or security. Whatever there is we make for ourselves. Few, if any, are guaranteed life-long job security and comfort.
Knowing this it would behoove each and every one of us to continually strive to better our conditions. It takes as much or more effort to remain in our comfort zones than it does to stretch and become all we are capable of being.

I would venture to say your thoughts right now are moving along the lines of - "Well, it certainly doesn't take any effort to lounge on the couch and watch the television shows." Doesn't it? You find yourself momentarily distracted from the same old things you do at work day in and day out, from your financial problems, from spending quality time with your family and any combination of a dozen other things.

How effective has this temporary distraction been up to this point in your life? If you need temporary distractions to keep you going, you cannot be satisfied. Dissatisfaction, when faced, can be a strong determinant in the success you will meet in your life.

It can be the stimulation and motivation you need to seek ways of improving your mental, physical and spiritual conditions. When there is enough dissatisfaction you will be impelled to do something to eliminate it.

An individual sitting on a warm stove has no incentive to move. Heat that stove to white hot and watch that person move. Strong dissatisfaction with your life can do the same thing - it can get you moving.

Life is eternally moving. You either advance or you regress. There is no standing still. The choice of the direction your life will take is yours to make. Nobody else can make that choice for you.
You will find that once you have made a commitment to doing something the only thing capable of stopping you is you. Naturally, it will have to be something within reason which also forces you to stretch yourself in order to attain it. When you do not stretch, you do not grow.

Do you really want to succeed on the Internet? Never quit. When something isn't working as it should, try another approach. Think of the word QUIT as fouler than the foulest word you have ever heard. Get it completely out of your vocabulary. Be persistent and consistent and you will succeed.

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The Male Brain vs The Female Brain

Some interesting differences between men's and women's brains, collected from sources listed below. Read with a grain of salt, and further investigate the ones that get you riled up.
1. Men's brains are larger, but as they age, they also shrink faster than women's brains. (Source)
2. Women's brains operate at a higher temperature, due to burning more glucose. (Source)
3. Women use more of their brains when they think. (Source)
4. Men's brains contain roughly 6.5 times the amount of grey matter related to general intelligence as women's brains, while women's brains contain about 10 times as much white matter related to general intelligence as men's. Researchers point to this finding to explain the controversial belief that in general, men may naturally excel at math while women tend to excel in areas like language. Read more about this research here
5. Men tend to score an average of 4 to 5 points higher on intelligence tests, as reported by the journal Intelligence in Sept. 2006. Don't believe us? Click here
6. The average man will think about sex as often as once a minute, while the average woman will think of sex much less often, as infrequently as once every one or two days. (Source)
7. Why do women always want to talk? Researchers have found that connecting with another through talking will trigger the pleasure centers in a woman's brain, a high second only to an orgasm. (Source)
8. Baby girls have been observed to typically have stronger reactions than boys to disturbing or distressful sounds. (Source)
9. A 20-second hug will trigger the release of oxytocin in a woman's brain. The effect of this chemical will often give the woman a feeling of trust in the person hugging her. (Source)
10. Many authors and researchers have said that men use fewer words per day than women. Depending on which study you believe (if any), the "word gap" can be anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 words a day. (Here's an interesting dissection of "word gap" claims at the Language Log.)
Sources: Sex on the Brain, Deborah Blum; The Female Brain, Louann Brizendine; University of California, Brown University and University of New Mexico research;;;;;

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The sincere truth about whom you are!

You may or may not believe what you are about reading about yourself. Well, I am not going to argue with you at all because it is a sincere truth I know about you. You are a GENIUS, the earlier you realize it, the more exploit you will do.
I also know that your future is great, but I don’t know if you will be great in future.
If you want more information about these truths, send a comment.

Must True love be with sex or without sex? (part one)

What is love? Over the years, there have been a lot of arguments on what love is, if it truly does exist. Some say love does not exist. On the other hand, some group of people believes that true love exists, but it is very difficult to find (say one in a thousand).
Sex, a God initiated idea of creation, to ensure procreation, is still a debatable issue till date especially among youths all over the world in respect to the test of true love between males and females before marriage.
Based on sampled views, some say sex (especially before marriage) is a test of true love, while others say sex is not a test of true love, stressing that true love goes beyond having sex with someone you truly love.
How true are these views? Share your own view.
NB: Watch out for part two of this article.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just a Charge

(1) Never settle for anything less than the best, because you deserve the best of life. To get the best of life, you must think the best, strive for the best, do the best and be the best.
(2) No one can put a limit on you without your permission.
(3) Whatever you think you can, you can; whatever you think you can't, you are right.
(4) Life is not what it is, but what you make it.
(5)It is not the matter that happens to you that really matters, but it is how you handle the matters that matters to you that really matters. Be optimistic about life.
Never give up, help is on your way.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thinking Like A Winner

A winner is always ready to tackle something new. A loser is prone to believe it can't be done.
(1) A winner isn't afraid of competition. A loser excuses himself with the idea that the competition will beat him.
(2) A winner knows he is sometimes wrong and is willing to admit his mistakes. A loser can usually find someone to blame.
(3) A winner is challenged by a new problem. A loser doesn't want to face it.
(4) A winner is decisive. A loser frustrates himself with indecision.
(5) A winner realizes there is no time like the present to get a job done. A loser is prone to procrastinate with the hope that things will be better tomorrow.
(6) A winner thinks positively. A loser usually has a negative approach to everything.